Marimed House, Lindley Place, Kew

A superb example of how a more aesthetically pleasing roofline can transform the whole character and status of a building.

The original roof was a slate mansard devoid of any features and the building owners wanted to provide additional office accommodation within the roofspace. The brief for the new roof was that it should improve the appearance of the whole building and this was achieved using a curved zinc roof with imposing bull’s eye windows.

The curvacious design was loosely based on the Palm House at Kew Gardens and the local council’s planners were delighted with the results.

The curved sections with semi-domed corners were laid standing seam. The building’s eight bull’s eye windows were formed by seaming sections of zinc together and soldering to the main structure. The flat roof above was laid traditional batten roll with beaded edges. Also fitted were matching zinc rainwater goods.

Materials: 0.7 gauge VM Quartz zinc.