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Peters Roofing is a long established and experienced company. We are based in Croydon, South London and work throughout the country.

We are specialists in working with traditional metal roof materials including copper and zinc sheeting. Our professional roofing contractors work with the latest metal roofing techniques on new projects and on listed buildings to construct stylish and traditional roofs.

With our highly skilled staff and specialist tools we are the only metal roofing company in the U.K. that manufactures all of its required decorative elements in-house.

Please visit our Portfolio section to view some examples of our recent work.

About Peters Roofing – Metal Roofing Specialists


Peters Roofing has been established for 25 years as a specialist metal roofing contractor with a workforce of highly skilled craftsmen.

Our work is varied. We may be contracted to work on new projects which involve the use of the latest roofing metals and techniques. Conversely, we are renowned for our traditional expertise with zinc and copper on listed buildings throughout the country where our exemplary high standards are much appreciated by conservation architects, local authorities, surveyors and developers.

Such is our reputation that French tradesmen select us under the French Companions scheme to provide tutelage in traditional British metal roofing techniques.

Most of the metal roofing elements in zinc and copper are hand crafted in our workshop, using a combination of the latest machinery and traditional skills. Then, our experienced workforce completes the installation and adds the finishing touches by hand on site.

Our expertise is widely sought after by other roofing contractors who employ us to carry out the more technically complex aspects of metal roofing. Our expertise at problem solving, in often difficult situations, means that clients return to us time after time.

No words can do justice to our range of skills so please browse through our portfolio of recent contracts where examples of the company’s work can be viewed.

Some Examples of Recent Work

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